#163 (Re-Air): Stephen McKee- Manufacturing Tiny Homes while Building Community

“The more we get into the habit of giving up our freedom to somebody else, the less control we have and the less of an ability we have to say this is how I want my little corner of the universe.” -Stephen Mckee


This is a re-air of a show I recorded with Stepehen McKee some time ago on building tiny homes, but also building community. 


Today I am interviewing Stephen McKee who is one of the founders of Back Porch Homes. Stephen has been in the real estate field for 15 years with a focus on buy and flip and now has recently over the past few years shifted into tiny homes and ADU’s. Alongside his long time partner Todd Bayer, Stephen runs the Inland Empire Real Estate Investment club with over 5,000 members. He speaks at meetings in southern California and has also presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times. 


Stephen McKee: began his career in real estate in the buy and flip market. He is the former COO of Rehab Loan Group which at one point was the highest leverage lender in the US. He is a former business structuring coach, a former acquisitions agent and a Former REO (bank repo) real estate agent for a top 1% REO firm. 




  • Back Porch Homes

  • Inland Empire Investment club meeting dynamics 

  • What is the community of a club 

  • 80/20 rule

  • How was COVID affected production 

  • Buy and hold vs flipping 

  • Why multi units are doing well in this market 

  • Elder care and hotel markets 

  • Office space conversions 

  • Andy Teasley 

  • How building a community aids in personal growth 

  • Why manufacturing is better than rehabbing 

  • The simplicity of manufacturing 

  • Tiny homes and ADU’s 

  • What will happen to the market in a year

  • The baby boomer client 

  • Jim Collins on Tim Ferris 


Listen now and find out how Stephen found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Stephen here: 


Website www.backporchomes.com

Phone 951-394-1844