#164: Gary Lipsky- Who You Are Matters Most in Real Estate

“There’s going to be a time when what we are willing to pay matches what the seller is willing to accept so we’re going to stay true to our fundamentals.” -Gary Lipsky 


Today I am interviewing Gary Lipsky who is the President of Break of Day Capital which is a company that helps investors with passive investing for wealth and legacy building using the asset of multi-family properties that are underperforming in high growth markets. Gary, who has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in real estate is the host of the Real Estate Investor Podcast and has more than 3000 apartment units valued over$250 million. He has built various successful businesses over the years and is the best selling Author of a book titled Best of Class.  


Gary Lipsky: Since a kid had an entrepreneurial spirit. In college along with his roommate, started a restaurant delivery service in New York. After college he was working as a production assistant on film sets before deciding to make and co-produce a few independent films. Later on he got involved in another business running after school programs which he sold in 2016 to go into real estate full time. 




  • Who you are matters most

  • Being in it for the long haul 

  • The importance of giving back 

  • Gary’s background in working with underprivileged youth 

  • Putting a team together to create solutions 

  • Making mistakes along the way 

  • Moving up the ranks in responsibility 

  • Maintaining composure in the difficult field of real estate 

  • Quality over quantity 

  • How is the current recession affecting current deals 

  • Increases value adds 

  • Looking outside the box to create deals 

  • Converting office space into multi-family properties 

  • Understanding and anticipating cash flow 

  • How Gary made it in to  the American Apartments Owners Association 

  • Build in buffers in your underwriting

  • The importance of taking care of your staff and property managers 

  •  What does financial freedom bring you 

Listen now and find out how Gary found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Gary here: 


Website BreakofDayCapital.com

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Email Gary@breakofdaycapital.com