#165: Chad Ackerman- Remaining Engaged as a Passive Investor

“I didn’t think a guy working in HR could get involved in something like this until I started talking to a network of people and that’s where that education came from.” Chad Ackerman 


Today I am interviewing Chad Ackerman who is one of the Founders of Left Field Investors, a community of investors who educate, inspire and help others achieve financial freedom through passive investing. I met Chad at the Best Ever Conference where we were on a panel discussing what it means to be successful at passive investing. Chad with a background in banking and data analytics, was able to pivot those skills into deal analyzing to help evolve his and others real estate investments. Left Field Investors has an incredible team of Founders, community members and resources including their podcast Passive Investing From Left Field


Chad Ackerman: Was always interested in real estate, but went into banking as a data analyst while passive investing on the side. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a minor in Real Estate from the University of Cincinnati. 




  • Why the syndicator is the most important asset 

  • The fundamentals of Left Field Investors 

  • Building community on education and networking 

  • Is the deal the most important thing 

  • Tools for vetting an operator 

  • Left Field Investors Membership tool 

  • The power of choice

  • How to create access for diversification

  • Investable income percentages

  • What are the 3 elements of diversification 

  • What is an active passive investor 

  • The importance of staying up with the economy 

  •  Active vs passive investing 

  • How to remain engaged even as a passive investor 

  • What happened to stocks 

  • Managing the deal vs what can I get out of it


Listen now and find out how Chad found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Chad here: 


Website LeftFieldInvestors.com 

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