#170: Steven Pesavento- How to Maintain an Investors Mindset

“Real estate is not a get rich quick, its a get rich for sure.” – Steven Pesavento 


Today I am interviewing Steven Pesavento. He is the Founder and President of VonFinch Capital, a private real estate firm specializing in value-add multifamily, investment management and sponsorship. 

He is the host of the Investor Mindset podcast and is a high performance coach. 


Steven Pesavento: Started working in management consulting but knew that wasn’t where you wanted to be. He started working in high growth startups in Boulder, Colorado before making his switch to real estate investing in 2016. 



  • How Steven got started in real estate 

  • Why Steven choose to invest in real estate 

  • How personal development is the core to success in real estate 

  • Overcoming challenges to push forward 

  • There is more than one vehicle to achieve financial freedom 

  • How to operate from a place of clarity 

  • Why real estate is not a get rich quick game 

  • The traps of having a victim mindset 

  • Is the system broken 

  • Fueling your perspective 

  • How to build yourself from the inside out

  • How to go from victim to victor 

  • What is happening in the multi-family market 

  • What are the big institutions doing right now

  • How do we double investors money 

  • What about the recession

  • How can you leverage on this current market 

  • Can you find where the opportunities are

Listen now and find out how Steven found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Steven here: 


Website VonFinch.com