#171: Neal Bawa- Engage as a Buyer by Following Data, Not Trends

“No asset class, not even multifamily is so incredible that it can be good at all times in all markets.” -Neal Bawa


Today I am interviewing Neal Bawa. He is the CEO and Founder of GroCapitus and UGro, which are real estate investment companies that focus on building, sourcing or obtaining commercial real estate properties. He has taught more than 10, 000 investors with his free data analytics course and is highly sought after to speak at real estate conferences around the country. He is called the mad scientist of multifamily investing and believes “data beats gut feel by a million miles.”


Neal Bawa: Got started in real estate very differently than most people. He was running technology companies and used that money to build custom campuses. Not having any prior experience in this process, he however was able to very successfully build a 27,000 square foot campus which became extremely successful landing him more opportunities to build over the years. He began buying single family properties in 2008 and eventually pivoted into multifamily investing full time. 



  • How data serves us better than gut feeling 

  • What Neal Does as a data technologist 

  • How Neal was introduced to the world of real estate 

  • What does Gro Capitus do

  • Engaged as a buyer, not as a seller 

  • Being 12 months ahead of everyone else  

  • What is land banking 

  • Is it the time to buy multifamily assets 

  • Follow the data not the current trends

  • How to fight against biases 

  • What happened to the Phoenix market 

  • Don’t ignore the cycle 

  • The rationale of investors 

  • Why has retail and office fallen so dramatically 

  • Will the office market continue to decline 

  • Is office conversions a possibility 

  • Investor vs a speculator 

  • What is the relationship between interest rates and cap rates

  • How does land banking work

  • When is the next bottom 

  • The current state of inflation 

  • What is quantitative easing 


Listen now and find out how Neal found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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