#172: Sharif Shakhshir- Paperwork, People and Properties

“AI is going to take a lot of jobs, but real estate will always be here.”

-Sharif Shakhshir


Today I am interviewing Sharif Shakhshir. He is the Senior Vice President of CALCAP, a real estate investment company specializing in alternative investment opportunities for institutions and individual investors. He is also the Founder and CIO of Falcon Capital Management, a company  that focuses on underwriting on upcoming acquisitions, deal sourcing, investment analytics, strategy and industry networking and deal financing.  


Sharif Shakhshir: Has a bachelors and masters in finance. He was always interested in finance and even started collecting gold and silver as a kid. He began his career as a stockbroker before working for Countrywide in the lending division. Now he is the Senior Vice President of CALCAP and operates his own company, Falcon Capital Management. 



  • How Sharif found his way into real estate investing 

  • What are the challenges and the opportunities 

  • Pay attention to the details 

  • What is desktop underwriting 

  • What is a pro forma analysis 

  • Sharif’s quick cap rate calculator 

  • How to provoke efficiency in property analysis

  • Exploring the various ways to do rent comps 

  • What is the current trend in the multi family market 

  • Why no one wants to sell 

  • Dissecting the usage of bridge loans 

  • The impact of interest rates 

  • Are we looking at a recession 

  • How do we prepare for economic softening

  • Will the banking system change 

  • Finding your tribe 

  • Using meetings to develop relationships 


Listen now and find out how Sharif found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Sharif here: 


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