#173: Franco Perez- Using Mobile Homes as a Tool to Building Generational Wealth and Impact

“It all comes down to impact and with the younger generations, we find they are also seeking ways to make a difference, but sometimes they don’t get the opportunity to feel they are making a difference.” -Franco Perez


Today I am interviewing Franco Perez. He is the Founder of Franco Mobile Homes, a company that focuses on providing affordable, efficient, and well designed mobile homes to residents of the Bay area of California. Franco’s personal experiences of economic disparities landed him in the real estate field where he began his search for solutions. He is a beacon for the affordable housing movement whose goal is to give families the opportunity to become homeowners and obtain financial stability. 


Frano Perez:  Moved to CA at the age of 11 from the Philippines with his family. At 18 Fracno had to quit school so that he could work and provide for his family. He became a real estate agent and after working in the industry for a bit, Franco had a realization that the wealth gap was significant between the wealthy and working class. His question became how do I help people bridge the wealth gap and his solution was mobile homes. 




  • How to gain new perspectives 

  • Franco’s early days as a real estate agent 

  • How franco got into mobile home ownership 

  • What is Francos mission 

  • Mobile home conversions 

  • How does the wealth gap affect home ownership 

  • Where does the drive to change come from 

  • Why is entrepreneurship important 

  • How pressure can create resourcefulness 

  • Celebrating beyond the numbers 

  • How to harness a team driven by impact 

  • How do we trade value, not dollars

  • How will the upcoming recession affect the mobile home market

  • Is there a skilled labor shortage in the housing industry 

  • The importance of building affordable housing 

  • Why are median home prices not affordable 

  • What are the benefits of owning a mobile home 

  • Breaking the stigma of mobile home park communities


Listen now and find out how Franco found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Franco here: 


Website www.franco.TV

Youtube Franco Mobile Homes 

IG FrancoSiliconValley