#174: Christina Suter- My Wall Street Journal Feature

“It’s about inner work so that the outer world can give you what you’re seeking.” -Christina Suter


Today I was interviewed by my mentor Raven Blair Davis on my recent feature in the Wall Street Journal in collaboration with Marquis Who’s Who, which has been an honor. In this episode we talk about overcoming challenges, what it means to step into your power and how I am currently transitioning into my new practice.




  • Christina’s 35 years of experience as a real estate investor 

  • Chrstina’s career in being an advisor working with 100+ clients

  • Who’s Who Nomination 

  • Her feature in the Wall Street Journal 

  • Christina’s transition into the family office space 

  • The importance of inner transformation 

  • Christina’s growth in the media and public speaking 

  • How to use ones voice to create impact 

  • How to push through personal challenges 

  • The success and failures of working in real estate 


Listen now and find out how Christina found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


The Real Estate Breakthrough Show with Christina Suter is where we talk about the reality of real estate, the mindset you need and the tips and tricks to get you moving forward in investing. Join us every other week and learn everything you need to know to invest in real estate on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and more. You can watch Steven’s interview on Youtube here. 


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