#176: Chris Collins: From Hollywood to Real Estate Investor

The more people I got to know, I realized there’s a lot of money you can make in real estate and you can get involved or uninvolved as you want.” Chris Collins


Today I am interviewing Chris Collins. He is the Managing Partner at Amity Cash Flow which acquires multi-family apartment properties and creates opportunities for accredited and non accredited investors. He has invested actively and passively in 6 states, over 2,500 apartment units totaling 200 million dollars. He has also presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi Family Meeting. 


Chris Collins: Has a background in Hollywood as a television editor, but has been investing in real estate for a decade. His goal with Amity Cash Flow is to help people gain financial independence no matter the industry you are in. 




  • From Hollywood to real estate 

  • The basics of real estate 

  • Putting in the effort 

  • Building strong relationships with partners from other markets 

  • Transparency and investor relations 

  • Make the business plan understandable 

  • Encourage your investors to ask questions 

  • The real estate business is a relationship business 

  • Is there an abundance of real estate opportunities 

  • Why you should partner with syndicators

  • What challenges are multi family facing at the moment 

  • How are interest rates affecting buyers and sellers differently 

  • Tips for buyers 

  • Why are sellers holding on to their properties 

  • Should buyers explore alternative/creative financing 

  • What factors push sales

  • Why have rents risen 

  • How will you handle the potential recession 

  • How to maintain what you already have 

  • How to deal with contractors 

  • Why you need good oversight 


Listen now and find out how Chris found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Chris here: 


Website AmityCashFlow.com

IG AmityChrisCollins