#177: Jenny Gou-Hard Work Has to Happen As a Means to Survive

I learned at a young age, like many other immigrants grit and how hard work has to happen so that you have a means to survive.” -Jenny Gou 


Today I am interviewing  Jenny Gou. She is one of the Managing Partners of Vertical Street Ventures, a multi family syndication company offering investment opportunities by using a full service approach for apartment investing. Jenny is responsible for operations at VSV and is also the lead for the VSV Multifamily Academy. 


Jenny Gou: Began her career as a Sales Strategist for Procter & Gamble before transitioning to Vertical Street Ventures. She has a BA in Business Management from the University of Arizona and received her MBA from the University of Minnesota. 




  • What is Vertical Street Ventures

  • Stop climbing the corporate ladder

  • Teaching the next generation

  • What being from an immigrant family taught me

  • Where does the ambition come from 

  • The value of a dollar 

  • Is it hard being an entrepreneur 

  • Why are people are greatest assets 

  • What culture are we building 

  • Ways to accelerate your business 

  • Focusing on problem solving, not problems 

  • Can we discern without judgment 

  • What is residents first 

  • What will VSV do during the upcoming recession

  • Hire people that do it better than you 


Listen now and find out how Jenny found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Jenny here: 


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