#180: Kaaren Hall- Mastering Your IRA Retirement Plan

“It’s not passive, it’s your asset and it’s your money so you don’t just sit back and hope someone else is taking care of your money because no one cares about your money like you do.” -Kaaren Hall 


Today I am interviewing Kaaren Hall who is the founder of uDirect IRA Services. uDirect helps thousands of people self direct their IRA’s into private equity investments such as real estate, notes, performing & non performing debt, crowdfunding and more. Assisting people with taking their retirement out of wall street and into private equity, Kaaren opened uDirect IRA in 2009, just a year after the 2008 downturn. She has presented at many local meetings including my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times as well as been a previous guest on my show. 


Kaaren Hall: Prior to her career in IRA services and investing, Kaaren was a radio host and a news and on air traffic reporter. She then began working in the banking and real estate industry before taking a leap and beginning her own practice in Southern California. Understanding the importance of retirement and the power of taking care of your own financial freedom, uDirect IRA specializes in helping people create their own future in which they have full control over their retirement and financial freedom. 




  • Being a woman in a male dominated industry 

  • What are we responsible for 

  • The importance of a morning routine 

  • Inner determination 

  • How do we build discipline 

  • What you can and cannot do with a self directed IRA

  • How do we make this process simple 

  • Learn the rules of the game 

  • New changes in the IRA industry 

  • What is a 529 plan 

  • What is a sep IRA

  • How are people currently being impacted by the recession

  • Has fraud died down 

  • How do contribution limits impact an account

  • What is Finra Broker Check 

  • No one else will care about your money like you

  • Why this is not a passive asset 

  • The importance of multiple streams of income for retirement 

  • What do you need to retire


Listen now and find out how Kaaren found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Kaaren here: 


Website uDirectIRA.com

Email info@udirectira.com