#181: Matthew Owens- How To Master Financial Control

“Do you as a private investor have the right education to be able to ask the right questions to these operators.” – Matthew Owens


Today I am interviewing Matthew Owens. He is the CEO of OCG Properties, which is a real estate investing company that focuses on “intelligent” investing and education. OCG Properties helps investors create cash flow strategies for long term returns and investments. He has presented numerous times at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and is a frequent speaker at other real estate meetings in the southern California area. 


Matthew Owens: Started his career in real estate as a flipper and a licensed CPA. Over the past fifteen years, Matthew has successfully  flipped over 1,000 properties with over $35 million out to flippers currently. In 2006 he quit his job as a CPA and went into real estate full time.  Understanding the complexities of deals, Matthew founded OCG Properties to help people become educated on how to succeed in real estate using cash flow strategies and seller financing strategies for long term investing. He is a consultant, an advisor and host of the OCG Properties: Masters of Real Estate with Mathew Owens, CPA.




  • How to gain financial control 

  • Everything falls on the owner 

  • How to get a hold on your bookkeeping

  • Are you cataloging your expenses properly 

  • Why you should hire a team 

  • How to hold yourself accountable as the business owner

  • Separating your buckets of capital 

  • Do you have proper reserves set in place

  • Why you need multiple bank accounts

  • The benefits of knowing how to talk to people 

  • Networking is key

  • Be open to new opportunities 

  • Why invest in promissory notes

  • Invest in syndications

  • Is investing in real estate better than investing in stocks

  • What is happening in the market currently 

  • Will lowering rates add inventory 


Listen now and find out how Matthew found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Matthew here: 


Website OCGProperties.com

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