#182: Todd Bayer- Playing the Long Term Real Estate Game

#182: Todd Bayer- Playing the Long Term Real Estate Game


“You have to put more skin in the game to make the deal work and end up making much less profit so we are very challenged right now in real estate especially with flipping and the long term rental market.”

 -Todd Bayer


Today I am interviewing Todd Bayer. I’ve known Todd for many years and he has an extensive journey in the world of real estate from appraisals to flipping to launching the Rehab Loan Group and beyond. He partnered with Stephne McKee and started the successful networking group The Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club. Todd would then pursue other avenues that included the tiny home and mobile home markets which also had its challenges. Now Todd is the Owner of FlowVestor which he launched after the pandemic which focuses on mobile home parks, multi family and self storage facilities. 




  • How Todd was introduced to real estate 

  • Trading a 9-5 for a 9-9

  • Focus on what you’re great at

  • How The Rehab Loan Group was started

  • Building a business while running one at the same time

  • The power of networking 

  • What is happening in the industry of lending 

  • What are the current challenges 

  • What is happening with real estate prices 

  • There’s not enough inventory 

  • Best way to find a deal of market 

  • Where to find off market deals

  • How bad deals educate you as an investor 

  • Stay in your lane 

  • What is happening with the long term rental market


Listen now and find out how Todd found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Todd here: 


Website FlowVestor.com

Email todd@flowvestor.com