#183: Bronson Hill- Balancing Ego and Authenticity as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Capital raising is sales, it’s really working with people using a lot of the same skill sets.” -Bronson Hill


Today I am interviewing my friend, Co host of ITI and past mentee, Bronson Hill. He is the CEO and Founder of Bronson Equity, a passive investing and multi family syndication company. Bronson Equity works one on one with clients who are high earning individuals who want to invest passively. He is a general partner in over $150 million in real estate. Bronson is an educator and has written a report called The Single Best Investment Strategy During (or After) a Pandemic. He is an author, podcast host, the creator of the Advanced Real Estate Investing Summit, a guest speaker on numerous podcasts, a presenter at various conferences and meetings and so much more. 


Bronson Hill: Began investing in real estate in 2006 when he purchased his first rental property. After the property began to cash flow, Bronson purchased other single family properties in Ohio, under the impression that he wanted to own 30 homes for passive investing. Later on a family member introduced Bronson to multi-family investing and there, Bronson learned how to raise capital for a deal. Now a few years later, he is a Multi Family Syndicator and financial coach. 



  • Bronson’s trajectory into real estate 

  • Why he transitioned from single family to multi family 

  • Diversify your portfolio

  • People want time freedom over financial freedom

  • Capital raising is sales

  • How to find an approach that works 

  • Can we come from a place of purpose 

  • How does vision create purpose 

  • Money is a tool 

  • How Bronson raised $40 million

  • Creating a positive relationship with money 

  • The achievers dilemma 

  • Keeping the ego in check 

  • Helping people believe in themselves 

  • Some deals come with challenges 

  • Investing in ATMs 


Listen now and find out how Bronson found her Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Bronson here: 


Website BronsonEquity.com

Email Bronson@bronsonequity.com

LinkedIn Bronson Hill