#184: Cody Davis- The Art of Seller Financing, Simplified

“I think whats really cool about real estate is doing the things no one is willing to do and the impact on the community it has.” -Cody Davis


Today I am interviewing Cody Davis who I met recently at our ITI meeting. He was invited by Bronson Hill. I was very impressed with Cody’s clarity and focus for implementing a strategy that is leading him to a future of financial freedom using creative seller financing.  In this interview Cody shares how he dropped out of college to purse a career in real estate. He now holds a real estate portfolio of  over 200 plus rental apartments as well as a water front property. 



  • How Cody got into seller financing 

  • His start as an agent 

  • Using real estate to increase our income 

  • Not fighting the corporate ladder

  • Real estate creates new possibilities 

  • The path to above average 

  • Not being consumed by the business 

  • Diminishing returns 

  • Investing in your current tenants 

  • Avoid adding complicated steps 

  • Build a business model around your goals

  • Don’t add any fluff 

  • Get what you want by asking 

  • Go for and build the relationship first 

Listen now and find out how Cody found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Cody here: 


Website MultiFamilyStrategy.com

Youtube Cody Davis Winning Business