#185: Chad Zdenek- 4 Traits to Execute During Every RE Cycle

“The LPs traditionally are going to have the lion’s share of that equity stack and if you don’t have a good handle on those LP’s, you can run into some hot water and not be able to raise your money.” – Chad Zednek


Today I am interviewing Chad Zdenek. He is the CEO of CSQ Properties, which functions as an acquisition and reposition management company of multi-family and self storage real estate. They hold 750 multi-family units and 3,000 self storage units in California and other parts of the US. He has presented at my ITI Meeting as well as been a previous guest on the show. 


Chad Zdenek: Had a career in construction and civil engineering, obtaining a license for both . He worked at Boeing for 7 years as a structural dynamics engineer before going into business with his brother which they ran successfully for a few years before Chad was bought out. After, he went into real estate full time and established CSQ Properties as well as grew a $150 million general partner portfolio. 




  • Chads background at Boeing as a structural engineer

  • What is CSQ Properties 

  • Choosing the right investment partners

  • The horse track analogy 

  • Why no one talks about the LP’s

  • Who does what in an equity stack 

  • How are syndications setup 

  • The technicals matter 

  • Who is the silent Co GP

  • What is effective investor communication 

  • How no communication becomes miscommunication

  • Why Co GP’s distance themselves 

  • Treat all investors the same 

  • The challenges with capital calls on distress deals 

  • Reestablishing know, like and trust


Listen now and find out how Chad found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Chad here: 


Website csqproperties.com

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