#186: Quentin Wendt- Scaling Single Room Occupancy Where Everyone Wins

“The asset that you buy and the revenue that’s created, you’re not going to get it anywhere else. You can chase traveling nurses, you can chase insurance providers in the mid term space, but that comes and goes.” -Quentin Wendt


Today I am interviewing Quentin Wendt who is the General Manager at Pad Split, a technology platform and marketplace dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions for working people in working class neighborhoods. Quentin spent 22 years in management consulting for the food service industry and has only recently invested in his first property. However, with his extensive background in operations and management he joined the Pad Split team in 2022.



  • Quentin’s introduction into real estate 

  • People in real estate share 

  • His time running a distribution and logistics business for Boars Head

  • When he joined Pad Split 

  • What is Pad Split and how does it work 

  • Multi family returns on single family acquisitions 

  • How are bedrooms in a Pad Split created

  • Lead with the underwriting 

  • How do investors get involved 

  • Who is the target tenant 

  • Forced appreciation in different markets

  • Does the demand for affordable housing still exist 

  • Don’t lead with profit 

  • How do you build an asset portfolio using BRRR 

  • What is the hardest barrier of entry for investors

  • Can both tenant and investor win

Listen now and find out how Quentin found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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Find out more about Quentin here: 


Website PadSplit.com