#19 Pat Leung: Real Estate & Taxes; Choosing The Culture of Your Company

“There’s no price to freedom or control of your own life and destiny.” 

-Pat Leung  


Today I am interviewing Patricia Leung who is the founder of her own tax firm, Leung Tax Consulting Inc. Patricia specializes in tax strategies with a focus in real estate, private equity and within  finance service industries. Patricia spent the beginning of her career working in the supervisory and management space. She has worked for the Big 4 and has serviced national corporations, small businesses and high network individuals, as well as maintained and operated as a former fund controller and paralegal. Patricia has spoken at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and speaks at meetings in the southern California region. 


Patricia Lenug: has over fifteen years of experience earning her Masters of Science in Taxation from the University of CA, Riverside. Starting her own business after the crash, Patricia found her niche in the tax realm by using real estate as her main practice. As a tax strategist, she found her love for the field during her junior year in high school. Since then she has merged her love for taxes to help people and major companies find the best solutions for handling and dealing with taxes. 



  • Why real estate and taxes mesh 
  • What are some current tax changes and implications people should know 
  • How has COVID 19 effected taxes
  • PPA loans and the law
  • The new changes in taxes for recipients of the PPA and other loans
  • Loan administration during COVID
  • What will happen to small businesses
  • Dos and don’ts of the PPA loan 
  • Tax strategies that help people 
  • How Patricia started her career
  • The importance of freedom within your own company 
  • Choosing your own business culture 
  • The client is not always right 


Listen now and find out how Patricia found her Real Estate Breakthrough!

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