#21 Kathy Fettke: Sustainable Wealth through Real Estate Investing

Whatever deal you do, make sure that somebody on your team has done that same deal many times and that you are not investing somebody else’s money on something that nobody has done before, unless the investors know they’re taking a risk.” -Kathy Fettke 


Today I am interviewing Kathy Fettke who is the co creator of the Real Wealth Network alongside her husband Rich Fettke. Kathy is an investor, educator, and radio host who is a guest expert on platforms like CNN, Fox News, NPR, CBS, CNBC, Marketwatch and the Wall Street Journal. She is the author of a best selling book “Retire Rich with Rentals” and is also the host and creator of the podcast The Real Wealth Show with listeners in 133 countries. She has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and also is a guest speaker at many others. 


Kathy Fettke: began her career in broadcasting with a BA in Broadcast Communications from San Francisco State University. She became a certified personal coach and produced a TV show called Dreams. Before that, Kathy started investing in Real Estate as a landlord due to hardships. She converted the downstairs of her home into a rental unit and an office space, which would be the beginning to developing the Real Wealth Network. 



  • The Real Wealth Network 
  • Retire Rich with Rentals
  • How to begin investing in real estate using your own property 
  • Turn rentals into homes
  • Educating people about sustainable wealth 
  • How learning never stops
  • Investing outside of CA
  • Robert Kyisoki
  • Why Kathy started the Real Wealth Network 
  • The Real Wealth Show
  • Retire Rich with Rentals 
  • Why the US is cheaper in home sales that other major cities around the world
  • Paying more attention to your portfolio 
  • Why property managers are key to running a successful portfolio 
  • Team makes the difference 
  • Where to invest next


Listen now and find out how Kathy found her Real Estate Breakthrough!

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Find out more about Kathy here: 

Website RealWealthNetwork.com

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