#22 Christina Suter-Education: The Top of Your Investing Pyramid is You

“At some point, I really encourage you to think about if this is a portfolio that is going to serve me in my life now and later. The later part is where you want to be clear of what your end goals are. ” -Christina Suter


Today I am talking about education on the topic of you and your investing. In most conversations regarding goals in real estate, most people will tell you that your return is the most important thing. Although this may be true for many and is not a negative opposition, what I believe is that you should be at the top of your investing pyramid meaning your personality and risk tolerance should be considered number one. Your risk tolerance from the beginning will be your compass and indicator for where your investment is heading and can actually set the tone for the type of investment you’re getting yourself into. If you take on an asset that requires high risk, but you are not a high risk investor, what do you think will happen over time? In this episode I lay out 7 steps to the pyramid that are a checklist to assess your investments. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 


  • Step 1: Personality (risk tolerance) 
  • Step 2: My lifestyle (time and effort) 
  • Step 3: My net worth (how much will this cost) 
  • Step 4: Meet end goal (is this what I want) 
  • Step 5: Diversity portfolio (access to a different asset) 
  • Step 6: Good sound investment (will I get my money back) 
  • Step 7: The Return (How much will I make from this investment) 


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks education is the key to financial leadership.

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