#23 Kaaren Hall: Taking Control of Your Future w. Self Directing IRA’s

“Don’t depend on social security, depend on yourself.” -Kaaren Hall 


Today I am interviewing Kaaen Hall who is the founder of uDirect IRA Services. uDirect helps thousands of people self direct their IRA’s into private equity investments such as real estate, notes, performing & non performing debt, crowdfunding and more. Assisting people with taking their retirement out of wall street and into private equity, Kaaren opened uDirect IRA in 2009, just a year after the 2008 downturn. Before starting her company, Kaaren worked in property management and mortgage banking. She is a speaker and educator providing tons of knowledge and information on IRA’s, 401ks, types of retirement plans, IRA investment options, and the rules and requirements for using retirement funds for investing. She has spoken at my FIBI Pasadena meeting amongst many other meetings nationwide. 

Kaaren Hall: Prior to her career in IRA services and investing, Kaaren was a radio host and a news and on air traffic reporter. She then began working in the banking and real estate industry before taking a leap and beginning her own practice in Southern California. Understanding the importance of retirement and the power of taking care of your own financial freedom, uDirect IRA specializes in helping people create their own future in which they have full control over their retirement and financial freedom. 



  • Self directed IRA’s and ways to invest them 
  • Will they take away social security 
  • Understanding the market cycles
  • Investing to take care of yourself in the future 
  • The risk of social security 
  • Work as an entrepreneur 
  • Why marketing is key to a successful business 
  • Using real estate as another stream of income 
  • The power of taking control of your financial freedom
  • Tiny markets of influence
  • Required minimum distribution 
  • COVID related distribution 
  • What happens to retirement funds during COVID
  • Why private equity is the #1 asset in self directed IRA’s
  • Publication 598


Listen now and find out how Kaaren found her Real Estate Breakthrough!

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