#27 David Coe: Consistency & Adjustments in Real Estate Investing

Today I am interviewing David Coe who is a realtor, investor, developer and advisor with a specialty in the South Bay section of Los Angeles. He is the partner of multiple businesses including Capital Stack which is a  real estate firm that invests in private equity in high quality asset backed developments in short term and long term residential constructions. David’s company Coe Real Estate focuses on helping investors and everyday people buy and sell their homes. Coe Real Estate is also one of the top Keller Williams teams for residential sales in the South Bay area.  He is the founder of South Bay’s For Investors By Investors real estate investment club and he has also  presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times. 

David Coe: Has gone from a real estate agent to developer. Over the past fourteen years he has flipped over twenty plus homes and owns single family and condo rentals. He manages private funds and specializes in working with investors who need assistance and access to curated investments and experienced partners.



  • Managing multiple private funds
  • Development and subdivisions 
  • The single family market
  • Agent vs developer 
  • Why developing can be one of the more difficult parts of investing 
  • The three problems in real estate
  • Why having a project manager is effective 
  • Why you need to be good at tracking things and paying attention 
  • Quality and durability 
  • The consistent series of adjusting in real estate 
  • Why real estate is not a property business, but a people’s business 
  • Capital Stack investments 
  • Accountability and coaches 
  • Intelligent Investors Real Estate conference 


Listen now and find out how David found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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Website Coerealators.com & Capitalstack.com

Email David@coeregroup.com

Instagram MyNewLaHome

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