#29 Ivan Oberon: Using Mistakes as Education in Real Estate Investing

“Always be teaching and always be willing to accept change.”

-Ivan Oberon


Today I am interviewing  Ivan Oberaon who is a Direct Lender and Top Producer with Civic Financial which is a private money lending company with a specialty in non owner occupied residential investment properties. Ivan’s background was in insurance before he began his investing career in 2011 as a hard money lender in southern California. He has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and many other real estate meetings around the country.


Ivan Oberon: Was a licensed independent agent in insurance when he went through a major life changing event.  Desperate to find a solution, Ivan finally took his father’s advice and went to a real estate conference that changed his life forever. Three months later he raised $500K and immediately began doing deals in southern california. He has performed over a thousand transactions, is a partner at a financial education firm and does turn key rentals in Kansas City and Dallas. Ivan has been featured in magazines like Private lender magazine, Community Investor, Realty 411, Investor Quarterly as well as Bloomberg radio. 



  • How to add value to others
  • Private money lending 
  • The mindset needed for entrepreneurship 
  • The decision to commit 
  • How to make yourself more valuable 
  • How to find your strong suite in investing 
  • Mike Wrenn
  • Brian Tracy 
  • Keys to personal development 
  • Turn key rental properties 
  • How to turn mistakes into education 
  • The power of your education and network 


Listen now and find out how Ivan found his Real Estate Breakthrough!


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