#31 Kevin Oliver: Wholesaling & Solutions for a Maximum Allowable Offer

“You have to find out especially as a wholesaler what are the needs and requirements of your motivated seller as well as the needs and requirements of your buyer.” -Kevin Oliver


Today I am interviewing Kevin Oliver who is a broker and investor. He became known for his career as a flipper while also being considered a hall of famer in Bakersfield, California. Kevin started his real estate career as a wholesaler after he was jobless and $130,000 in high interest credit card debt. Soon after in the early 2000’s, Kevin was wholesaling at 1.2 million dollars a year bringing him national and international recognition. He is the founding member and director of FIBI Bakersfield which is the largest investor meeting in Kern County. He recently became county commissioner and has spoken at my FIBI Pasadena meeting numerous times.  

Kevin Oliver: Has 15+ years of experience in real estate investing. He is a licensed realtor and broker as well as a recruiter and investing mentor for new investors in wholesaling and rehabbing. He is called the master of real estate basics that lead to big profits. He is currently an active investor as well as an Associate Broker at Miramar International real estate. 



  • Realtor vs investor mindset
  • How to build a real estate team 
  • When financial freedom hits 
  • Master applying real estate basics
  • Learning to give 
  • How to complete a wholesale deal 
  • How to be open to solutions 
  • What is the right formula 
  • Maximum allowable offer 
  • The heart of the entrepreneur 
  • The burned down house story
  • How to do the math properly
  • Simultaneous close


Listen now and find out how Kevin found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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Find out more about Kevin here: 

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