#32 Christina Suter-Mindset: Types of Investors Over Time

“Life changes will absolutely change your form of investing. Single vs married, having a baby vs not having a baby. Being a primary provider of the family or not.  All of that will change what’s inside your portfolio and how you treat it.”  -Christina Suter 

Today I am talking about what I feel are the three types of investors and what stage of investing they represent. How you manage your portfolio over its lifespan will inevitably change over time causing you to have to make adjustments within how you  manage your investments. The first scenario is major life events like relationships, kids, lifestyle, location, and current circumstances. In this stage investors are usually younger and have a higher risk tolerance as well as more leverage and effort. The second scenario is life line changes which seem to develop after you’ve been investing for a bit and you decide to approach real estate investing in a different way like mixed leverage and a hybrid portfolio. The last stage is the investor timeline also known as time accumulated capital. At this stage you are a seasoned investor that is aiming for retirement, passive investments, and lower risk. The question we should be asking ourselves is what relationship do we want to have with our real estate? That will help us identify which stage we are in at this time. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 

  • The three types of investors and their stages
  • Major life events
  • Life line changes
  • Investor timelines
  • The relationship you have with your portfolio 
  • Why needs change at different stages
  • 17 yr old investor vs the 50 yr old investor
  • How to identify the type of investor you are 


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks education is the key to financial leadership.

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