#33 Paige Panzarello: People Before Profits in the Note Investing World

“As long as I learn something, I did not fail and that’s a big deal for most people, failure. I’m here to tell you that anyone who is successful in real estate has failed and if they haven’t they’re lying. “ -Paige Panzarella


Today I am interviewing Paige Panzarello who is an expert in note investing, works in tax deeds and liens, fix and flips and is also the owner of a residential and commercial construction and acquisition company. Paige, also known as The Cash Flow Chick, has completed over 150 million in real estate transactions and currently focuses on non performing notes, which she teaches at her workshop called Building Wealth Through Notes twice a year. She has been featured on podcasts such as Secrets to Real Estate Investing, the Note Closure Show, Cash Flow Ninja, Real Estate Investor Goddesses and my other podcast show called Ask Christina First. She has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and speaks at other meetings all over the country. 


Paige Panzarello: began investing at a very young age when she inherited an estate in Arizona which was at the time 4 million dollars in debt. With no prior real estate education, Paige moved to Arizona and in 3 years was able to bring the estate back. At that time she was managing 38 townhouse units and a sewer treatment plant all before the 2008 crash. During the crash Paige ended up selling everything, paid all of her investors and walked away from that crash with a 20 million dollar loss (one of her greatest lessons to date). Today she focuses on using non performing notes to help people improve their lives for both investors and borrowers. 



  • What are notes and how to use them 
  • People first, profits second 
  • 1st position 
  • Note exit strategies 
  • Why you shouldn’t buy notes unless you’re educated on notes
  • 3 stages of due diligence
  • Why COVID is beneficial for the note business 
  • Bruce Norris 12%
  • Effects of unemployment on the housing market 
  • Will people default 
  • Logistics vs unemployment 
  • What will happen to small businesses
  • Notes check all the boxes
  • Building Wealth with Notes workshop 

Listen now and find out how Paige found her Real Estate Breakthrough!

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