#35 Andrew Cushman: Value Adds & Resident Retention in Multi-Family Investing

“You don’t have to figure out anything new. It’s all been done before by lots of people. Just find a way to learn how someone else has already succeeded in what you want to do then copy that.” -Andrew Cushman 


Today I am interviewing Andrew Cushman who is an investor in multi family syndication as well as provides high-yield multifamily investment opportunities to accredited investors. He is the founder of Vantage Point Acquisitions, has presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multi Family meeting, and is a frequent guest on the Bigger Pockets podcast

Andrew Cushman: Graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, but soon realized he wanted a different way to earn income. After a few failed attempts at creating small business ideas, Andrew and his wife started flipping houses in 2007. They managed to successfully remain in real estate during and after the 2008 crash. Four years later in 2011 they began working in apartment syndications. Nine years later Andrew has acquired 1800 multifamily units and teaches a Mastermind Accelerator course that educates and prepares investors for the world of multi family real estate investing. 



  • Single family vs multi family  
  • From flipping to syndication 
  • Class B
  • Rental comparables and how to find them 
  • Curb appeal and landscaping 
  • Resident retention 
  • Management play 
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Ray Dalio
  • No class c’s on your first deal
  • Service income stream 
  • How much value can you create
  • Due diligence on acquiring multi family units 
  • Why 350 units are too much 


Listen now and find out how Andrew found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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Find out more about Andrew here: 

LinkedIn Andrew Cushman

Website www.vpacq.com