#39 Ellis San Jose: Becoming a Smart Investor by Finding Your Niche

“Just because something worked a few years ago, doesn’t mean its going to work again.” -Ellis San Jose


Today I am interviewing Ellis San Jose.  He is a friend and one of the Co Founders of the For Investors By Investors group also known as FIBI. He is an Investor, a Real Estate Broker and a Trustee Broker who also specializes in complex real estate transaction problem solving.  He is an educator and a speaker and has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting

Ellis San Jose: Has been a full time investor since 2001. He, with a memo from Bruce Norris successfully pulled out of the market during the 2008 downturn. In 2001 he became a full time investor by buying non performing notes. He currently focuses on investing in properties that have title flaws or other complex issues like hoarding and abandoned properties. As the Co Founder of FIBI (For Investors By Investors), Ellis along with Jeremy Roll started the group as an acknowledgement that people were unaware and uneducated about the upcoming crash. 



  • What makes a smart investor 
  • How Ellis got started in real estate 
  • How Ellis transitioned from stock broker to full time investor
  • How Bruce Norris saved his financial life
  • What happened to buying non performing notes 
  • What mistakes do people make in business 
  • Why he switched from real estate investor to investor 
  • Bruce Norris the CA comeback & the CA downturn  
  • How he found his niche in exceptional circumstances
  • The MLS
  • Building a brand 
  • How he created a property database 
  • How losing confidence is harder than losing money 
  • Know what you want to invest in
  • How to focus on what excites you 


Listen now and find out how Ellis found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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