#4 Christina Suter- Net Worth & Declaring Financial Leadership

“Your job as a financial leader is to know that each asset is fulfilling its job.”


Today I will talk about your net worth and how you can figure out what your net worth is. For some, this can be a very scary ordeal because it requires you to be honest about your finances. In order to reach your financial goals, you will have to first understand where you are and secondly not be afraid to start from that point. 

Knowing your assets vs your liabilities is key which is another way of saying find out what you have vs what you owe. Untethering yourself from the concept that debt is bad can also help move you forward because well structured debt can be useful. 


Topics Covered in this episode: 

  • What does net worth mean
  • How to determine your net worth
  • How to start an investment plan
  • Assets vs liabilities
  • What assets are investible 
  • What is well structured debt 
  • Why not all debt is bad 
  • How to stop being afraid of your finances 
  • What assets are fulfilling their jobs 
  • What does your net worth have to do with financial leadership 


Listen now and find out why Christina thinks mindset is the key to financial leadership.

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