#40 Christina Suter: Ownership and Time

“If I have direct ownership and I’m active, I own it, I run it. Not only is my time going to be used to run the asset, I get a lot of choices and control. I have a lot of power therefore my ownership is agnostic to the asset.” -Christina Suter 


Today I am breaking down the relationship between ownership and time and how your level of ownership determines the amount of time you allocate to your investments. There are four levels of ownership and they are direct ownership, active and passive, securitized notes and funds. With each type of ownership the time and control you have over the investment varies because the time you have to invest may be limited. The question to ask yourself is what time do I have to give to investing? Those who are direct ownership active, in my opinion spend the most time on their investments, while those who invest in funds (shares, stocks, etc…) spend little to no time working on or with their investments. Time ultimately affects what type of investor you are and how much control you are willing to have or lose in your investment portfolio. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Ownership and time 
  • Entrepreneur mindset and time allocation 
  • Full time or part time investor 
  • Direct ownership active and passive (most time investive) 
  • Securitized notes
  • Funds (least time intensive) 
  • Time Effort Matrix 
  • Agnostic to the asset 
  • What relationship do you have to the asset 
  • Effects of ownership and relation to time 


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