#41 Kirk Carlstrom: Managing Investors & Expectations without Using Your Own Money

“People want to do two things, they want to make money, but more than make money they want to not lose money.” -Kirk Carlstrom 


Today I am interviewing Kirk Carlstrom who is a flipper, investor and the co-host of my FIBI Pasadena meeting. I met Kirk in 2011 when he first began educating himself about real estate investing. He has now successfully flipped over 100 homes in Los Angeles, The Bay, Austin, Texas and Oregon. He has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting and is also a long time friend and fellow investor. 

Kirk Carlstrom: Has fixed and flipped over 100 properties in Southern California and other markets such as Oreogon, The Bay & Austin Texas using 100% private investor funding. In 2012, after only 6 months of being a full time investor he got his first deal and evolved into flipping 16 houses a year by 2014. As an advocate and believer in networking, Kirk is now the co-host of FIBI Pasadena. In addition to fixing and flipping houses, Kirk has created a passive rental portfolio without using any of his own money. 



  • Fixing and flipping
  • How to land deals without using any of your own money
  • How to keep your investors whole 
  • Why networking meetings are key 
  • What is a private investor 
  • How to scale business to perform multiple deals at a time 
  • How to find private investors
  • Why the beginning is always the hardest
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad & Robert Kyosiaki
  • Due diligence and comps
  • Making your investors comfortable 
  • Franklin Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Successful People 
  • How to manage investors and expectations 
  • Long term capital gain 
  • The privilege of family 
  • How to alter a rigid mindset


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Find out more about Kirk here: 

Website  Summitwithus.com http://summitwithus.com

Email Kirk@summitowhtus.com

Phone 323-744-0553