#43 Joe Homs: Flipping with a 9-5 & Longevity in Real Estate Investing

“Don’t fall in love with your tenants. That’s what everyone does in the beginning. You have to treat this as a business and raise your rents at least every couple years.”  -Joe Homs


Today I am interviewing Joe Homs who is a seasoned real estate investor who began his career under the mentorship of his father. He is a broker, realtor and investor with 41 years of experience and has been flipping houses predominantly in Orange County, California. He hosts a local meetup called Orange County Real Estate Investor Networking and has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting. 

Joe Homs: Purchased his first property at 20, made his first investment at 22 and received a degree in Business Administration. He has been a licensed real estate agent for the past 15 years and a broker and flipper for the past 7 years. He has survived 3 real estate cycles all while maintaining a job as a police officer until his retirement at the age of 50. You can find him as a frequent forum contributor on Biggerpockets.com. 



  • The possibilities of investing in real estate while working a 9-5 
  • Rehabbing condos
  • Why getting your real estate license is like getting an education 
  • Purchasing properties using a tax deferred self directed 401k
  • Why you should do the work yourself 
  • Why having the right tenants matter
  • Liability repairs 
  • What are tenant responsibilities
  • Becoming a long term professional landlord 
  • Tenant expectations
  • Don’t fall in love with your tenants 
  • Bigger Pockets
  • Why family equals financial freedom 
  • Pellego 
  • Holding vs flipping 


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Find out more about Joe here: 

Website joehoms.com 

Bigger Pockets Joe Homs

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Phone 949-625-4533