#46 Christina Suter: Mindset- Sexy Real Estate Investing

As fun as sexy investing is and how exciting it is to talk about, what you’re looking for is depth of experience and long term success. Everything else is shiny objects.”  -Christina Suter 


Today I am talking about the shiny object in investing also known as sexy real estate investing and how getting caught up in it can take you away from what real estate is really about. There are two aspects to real estate investing and those are being an investor vs having a job in real estate where you are responsible for other people and their money. Both of these can have aspects of sexy investing, but what I think is the real overall goal and what people are looking for is long term success. Long term success is the experience of team building, managing good and bad deals, losing money, diversification, integrity and experience. The track record for building yourself up using those skills will outweigh chasing a shiny object any day. Push away the sexy side of investing to focus on long term success that will help you develop depth, stability and lessons. 

Topics Covered in this episode:

  • What is sexy real estate investing 
  • Investor vs having a job in real estate 
  • Too good to be true
  • Long term success vs the shiny object 
  • How to develop depth using skills instead of marketing 
  • Good hearted work 


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