#47 Peter Apostolos: An Authentic Approach to Real Estate Investing

“We go through a lot sometimes just to learn what we learn. That’s an opportunity to take what we learn and really benefit someone instead of making a check on somebody in bad shape.” -Peter Apostolos


Today I am interviewing Peter Apostolos who is a private investor I met at the Bruce Norris Bootcamp back in 2007. For the past 11 years Peter has been an investor, rehabber, buy and hold landlord, short sales negotiator, wholesaler and a creative financier. His boots on the ground approach to real estate investing has helped him successfully develop a niche system that uses outbound phone marketing. He has taught workshops and has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting. 

Peter Apostolos: Spent 22 years in aerospace technology before becoming a real estate investor. Taking the skills he developed from the aerospace sector, Peter knew he needed to be real, honest and authentic with homeowners in order to create solid win-win deals. Feeling the effects of the downturn, Peter attended the Bruce Norris  Bootcamp which completely changed the trajectory of his education, network, and clientele. Peter believes that focusing on the skills you have while also focusing on the core skills of real estate, will set you up as an investor that is both authentic and successful. 




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Find out more about Peter here: 

Email reopete@gmail.com

Phone 818-648-7253