#5 David Tilney: Longevity in Master Leasing Hassle Free Property

“If you don’t have systems in place you won’t survive long term.” -David Tilney


Today I am interviewing David Tilney who is one of the pioneers in master leasing also known as hassle free property management. David spent the past 35 years learning and implementing the master leasing concept, which he knew was the key to long term success in real estate. He has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meetings and host hassle free property seminars around the United States. 


David Tilney: Started buying houses in 1978 and has been working in real estate since. After a few deals gone wrong, David discovered that it wasn’t just acquisition that was important, it was also management. David continues to host hassle free property seminars as well as presents at meetings around the country. 



  • Why strong management is key
  • Why you need systems to survive long term 
  • Gary Johnston 
  • Timing is everything 
  • Why you should stop working with banks
  • Quality vs quantity 
  • Why property managements biggest issues are the owners and not the tenants
  • How to create the best master leasing contracts 
  • Why not owning properties still gives you what you want 
  • Why not all houses make good properties 


Listen now and find out how David found his Real Estate Breakthrough!

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