#50 Christina Suter: Mindset-Holiday Gratitude

“Gratitude brings us closer to that higher source. Gratitude brings us closer to having a heart that is full of love. Gratitude brings us closer to being successful.” -Christina Suter

Today I am talking about gratitude and how it’s most important to have and share our gratitude during the holiday season. As cliche as gratitude can be especially in the space of self help and spirituality, gratitude however is a core lesson that helps bring us closer to our dreams and desires. Being grateful for your team, family, environment, purpose can bring you peace, but what’s even better is being grateful for yourself and all you’ve done to get to this very moment. Gratitude is something that ignites us to love more, be more peaceful and to feel like everything is on track and in sync. For this holiday season I am asking that you find the time and space within your busy days to remember what you’re grateful for. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Ways to be grateful this holiday season 
  • Why we should be grateful for ourselves just as well as other people 
  • How can gratitude bring me peace
  • What does success mean to me 
  • How does doing what’s right lead you to success 
  • How to be grateful for the things that support you 


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