#52 Christina Suter: Education- Let’s Get Real

“If you have money you might be having a job in that you’re an active investor in an asset using your own money or somebody else’s. But you have a job and it takes your time and you’re running the process. Or you can have an investment and not be engaged in the process of running the project, but handing the money over and getting a return on that money.” -Christina Suter

Today we are getting real with what’s the difference between investing in real estate and having a job in real estate. There can be some confusion around what someone does in real estate in comparison to how someone is investing in real estate. If you are responsible for the process and are accountable to investors, you have a job in real estate. Some of those jobs are flippers, wholesalers, real estate agents, hard money brokers, tax liens, etc… If you are just an investor in real estate your money is what earns the asset. Some of the investing positions in real estate are hard money lender, limited partner, syndication investor, purchasing notes, stocks and gold. Though this is not always the case, having a job in real estate is a way towards investing if you don’t immediately have the money necessary to invest passively because there is a difference between working in real estate and investing in real estate. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Job vs investor
  • The time allocated investing vs a job 
  • Why the money earns the asset
  • Trading time for a return 
  • What positions in real estate require active vs passive 
  • Money vs no money 


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