#55 Garrett Lynch: Hindrances & Advantages of Finding Deals During COVID

“What’s the difference between me owning 5% of a 300 unit and you owning 100% of a 100 or 50 unit? If the cash flow is similar it’s the same thing, you’re just playing a little bit of a different game.” -Garrett Lynch


Today I am interviewing Garrett Lynch who is the Director of Acquisitions at NightHawk Equity. He started his career in real estate in the multi family market, co-founding a firm that acquired 3,200 doors while managing 125 employees. After he successfully parted ways from that venture, he began working with NightHawk Equity which is a syndication firm. Garrett is a guest speaker on multiple platforms and podcasts and has also presented at my FIBI Pasadena Multifamily meeting. 

Garrett Lynch: Is an entrepreneur at heart who started investing in the multi family market in 2011. Fast forward to today, Garrett has relentlessly pursued investing while also assisting in generating high end deals for his past partnerships and now with NightHawk Equity who he began working with in 2019. He graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in marketing, sales and organizational leadership. 



  • NightHawk Equity
  • Buyer vs. sellers market 
  • What has COVID done to real estate investing 
  • Time kills deals 
  • Frozen debt 
  • Why buy in isolated pockets 
  • Tailwind markets
  • Why you should stay away from trend buying 
  • Dont ignore secondary markets
  • Huntsville
  • Why you need to partner with someone in the beginning to land a good deal 
  • Why your staff selection is key to your success 
  • Los Angeles’s institutional buyers
  • Why your systems make the difference 
  • Long distance management 
  • Ken McElroy
  • What has COVID done to urban markets 
  • Will mortgage defaults cave 
  • Due diligence on migration patterns 


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Find out more about Garrett here: 

Website NightHawkEquity.com

Email garrett@nighthawkequity.com