#59 Caeli Ridge: Diversification From a Lender’s Perspective 

“I’ve been in my career as an investor where I put too many eggs in one basket. So the diversification of not just property type, but markets, cash flow, appreciation is a well rounded and diverse portfolio. That balance is really where you get the highest success rate for anyone focused on real estate.” -Caeli Ridge


Today I am interviewing Caeli Ridge who is a personal friend of mine and has presented at my FIBI Pasadena meeting. She is the President and CEO of Ridge Lending Group which is a second generation company and is a nationwide lender.  She has also been an  investor of 20 years and at one point was holding 42 investment properties across the nation. She is a lending expert and takes great pride in providing trustworthy advice and solutions to her clients. She is a national speaker and is based in Portland, Oregon. 



  • Lending for investors 
  • Ridge Lending Group 
  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac perspective 
  • How to understand debt to income ratio
  • The diverse lending products with Ridge Lending Group
  • Cross collateralization 
  • How to watch the RE cycles
  • Neg Am loans and the 2008 crash 
  • Why it’s importantly vital to diversify your portfolio
  • Institutional funding 
  • Why banks are now requiring cash flow 
  • Conventional investments
  • What will COVID do to lending 
  • Will interest rates stay this low 
  • Why we get greedy in investing 


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Find out more about Caeli here: 

Website Ridgelendinggroup.com 

Email info@ridgelendinggroup.com

Phone 855-747-4343