#60 Christina Suter: Education- Simple Methods to Help Investors Sleep at Night

“You need to keep a certain amount on the side for your instinct to be happy, cash or near cash or in a primary residence that’s not being leveraged, those are instincts. But let the rest be how you play, let the rest be how you grow your portfolio.” -Christina Suter  


Today I’ll be sharing a few methods that will help you as an investor catch a good night’s sleep. As an investor of 30 years, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights, but there are methods that I’ve implemented that have helped me get past that. The first thing is never put more than a 3rd of your net worth into a single piece of real estate. The second is making sure you have a cash reserve which I think should be 5-10%  of your investable capital. The 3rd method is making sure you know what of your assets are investiable and which ones are not. Non investable assets shouldn’t be at risk and their primary job is to feed your lifestyle, which can include  primary residence, your personal vehicles, and the shelter you provide for your parents, etc… There are indeed more methods, but these are the three that I think helped me the most. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • Why you should never put more than a 3rd of your net worth into a single asset 
  • Why you need to have a cash reserve 
  • What are non investable assets
  • Assets at risk 
  • Instincts and self respect 


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