#61 Mercedes Torres: Using Data to Create Portfolios That Cash Flow

“The number one message that I deliver to my clients is that your holding period of an asset is forever because you do the work one time, you buy one property one time and it pays you forever. -Mercedes Torres


Today I am interviewing Mercedes Torres who is the Co Founder and Vice President of Cash Flow Savvy.  She is the WREN (Women’s Real Estate Network) Las Vegas Chapter Leader and is also the Co Founder of Epic Real Estate, which is an educational platform and podcast hosted and taught by Mercedes and Matt Theriault, the Co Founder and President of Cash Flow Savvy. She got her nickname The Turn Key Girl from her flipping experience in which she flipped 24 properties in the first two years of her career. Using well designed systems and algorithms, Mercedes and her team help investors develop portfolios that cash flow. She is a speaker, educator and shares tips and tricks on Turn Key Tuesdays on the Epic Real Estate podcast

Mercedes Torres: Graduated from UCLA and has completed over 2,000 real estate transactions. In 2007 and 2008 Mercedes realized that she was becoming dependent on the market and noticed that California was becoming cash flow negative. That led her and her team to develop systems for cash flow in various markets in middle America. She has been featured on A&E’s Flip That House and the Epic Real Estate podcast is Top 30 and receives 250,000 downloads per show. 



  • What is Cash Flow Savvy
  • What are Middle America markets 
  • Using the Government census to create algorithms 
  • Warren Buffet 
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  • How you can leverage other people’s money for your investing 
  • Maximizing leverage 
  • Eliminating risk 
  • Robert Kiyosaki 
  • Why having a good team is essential 
  • The importance of property managers 
  • How to develop a cash flow portfolio 
  • Out of state investing 
  • What are cash flow markets and how do we find them 
  • The Turn Key Girl 
  • Epic Real Estate

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Find out more about Mercedes here: 

Website Cashflowsavvy.com    

Email mercedes@epicrealestate.com