#63 Lorraine Beato: Compiling Years & Deals to Develop Solidarity in Real Estate Investing

“I’m going to advise somebody on what is the right thing because i’m not a one transaction person, I want a client for life.” -Lorraine Beato


Today I am interviewing Lorraine Beato who wears many hats in real estate. She is an Author, Real Estate Thought Leader, Investor, Speaker, Legacy Advisor, and Real Estate Wealth Strategist. She is the Author of the book  Flip the Switch from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor,” which was published on Amazon in March of 2020. In Think Realty’s January 2018 issue, Lorraine was featured for her European renovation in Portugal. She has had listings featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, as well as featured on Yahoo Finance. She is the chapter leader for WREN Atlanta and is a contributor to Think Realty Magazine as of 2021. 

Lorraine Beato: Interned at Merrill Lynch after her first year of college before working for them full time after graduating from Manhattan College with a BA in Economics and International Relations. In 1988 she received her realtors license and left Merrill Lynch to work for a small Brazilian Bank in investment banking and foriegn exchange trading. After that she began working in international business where she was exposed to high profile deals only adding to her growing list of experience in real estate investing and business. She is now an investor, educator and speaker based in Atlanta, GA. 



  • Flip The Switch From Agent to Investor 
  • The sustainability of real estate 
  • Gathering integrity 
  • How to become a deep resource in real estate 
  • Project management and acquisition 
  • What happens when you don’t develop investable assets
  • Building wealth 
  • WREN (Womens Real Estate Network) 
  • Is there sexism in real estate 
  • Holding space for women in real estate 
  • You must have boots on the ground 
  • Flip the Switch from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor
  • Detail orientation 


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