#65 Scott Lewis: Defining Financial Freedom Through Human Capital

“That’s what keeps me going is I don’t need anymore financial wealth, I need more human capital wealth to really feed my purpose and my why.” -Scott Lewis


Today I am interviewing Scott Lewis who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spartan Investors, a once residential developing company, turned strategic direction for investing in commercial assets in real estate. Scott, a US Army Reserves and Combat vet, specializes in leadership and working with a team of experts in real estate investing, which consist of 34 employees in 31 states around the US. Spartan Investors mission is improving the lives of others using real estate, which mirrors some of the core values I hold in educating people about investing. I met Scott during the 2021 Intelligent Investors Conference. He is an educator, a speaker at national events and has been featured on numerous podcasts and youtube channels. 

Scott Lewis: Became interested in building in high and continued building until college. He graduated from Michigan state university with degrees in Marketing and Chemistry, a MS in Management from Catholic University, and a certificate for Project Management from Georgetown University. He is based in Colorado. 



  • The importance of strength of character 
  • Experts that empower
  • The 3 e’s
  • Recession resistant assets
  • What is the military decision making process 
  • The transition from flipping residential to commercial 
  • Evaluation criteria 
  • Why invest in storage units
  • Leveraging strategic planning 
  • What is the experts approach 
  • Theory Y leader 
  • Making it all about your team 
  • What are the difficulties for new investors
  • How to be grounded and process oriented 
  • Standardized returns 
  • Why Scott stays away from coastal markets 
  • Investing in storage units 


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Find out more about Scott here: 

Website www.spartan-investors.com

Email Scott@spartan-investors.com