#66 Christina Suter: Mindset- Are You Half Empty or Half Full

“Don’t just rest on your laurels, don’t just rest on your strengths. Normally I would say you can lead with your strengths, yes, but make sure that you are able to work well with others.” -Christina Suter


Today I am talking about your mindset and what it means to either be a half empty or half full type person. Me personally, consider myself to be a half full person as I am all about community, inclusion, and freedom. However, there are people who are of course half empty people. Half empty people are actually just as determined and successful as half full people, the only difference is that they approach life in a more cautious and careful way. They also don’t accept failure as a way of living and being a half full person doesn’t automatically give you the ability of being  a responsible person. No matter what point of view you come from, your main goal should be do the people I’m working with on this project understand that I understand what I’m doing and that I am competent? This is what’s most important and success isn’t determined by being either or. 


Topics Covered in this episode:

  • What does it mean to be a half glass full or half glass empty person
  • How does this point of view relate to success
  • Communicating for leadership 
  • Bringing leadership forward 
  • Failing forward faster 


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