#67 Bryce Robertson: Recession Resistant Assets That Lead to Financial Freedom

“Ultimately, having that freedom of financial time and location, literally is the explanation of we can do what we want, when we want, how we want and with who we want. That is the way I believe we are meant to live.” -Bryce Robertson


Today I am interviewing Bryce Robertson who is the Founder and Principal at PropertyWorkzUSA, which handles investment deals, acquisitions, syndications, asset management, consultation, and education. Bryce, also known as one of the Your Real Estate Mate, is an Australian born investing entrepreneur, world traveler and best selling author with a focus on mobile home parks. His collaborative book, 10,000 Miles to the American Dream is a number one bestseller. He is also the host and creator of Freedom Hack Radio, a podcast dedicated to the motto of work less, make more, live free. I met Bryce at the Intelligent Investors Conference earlier this year.

Bryce Robertson: Deals in recession resistant asset classes like mobile home parks, self storage, ATM’s, and multifamily rentals. After spending 20 years in the field of construction, Bryce decided he wanted to be on the other end of the playing field. He spent two years doing personal development work before he got into investing full time. With only $2,000 to his name and not the greatest credit score, Bryce acquired a $570,000 mobile home park which kicked off his career in investing. 



  • How Bryce began investing with a negative net worth
  • Why are mobile home parks an attractive investment 
  • Personal development training with T. Harv Eker Peak Potentials
  • What are sustainable leadership goals
  • recession resistant assets
  • The commitment to chose
  • The benefits of a construction background 
  • Value add deals 
  • Do cities embrace mobile home parks
  • Tenant owned vs park owned homes
  • The lack of affordable housing 
  • The international barriers of entry into real estate compared to the US
  • High demand for tenants 
  • High demand for affordable housing 
  • How do we make our investors whole 
  • Why mobile home parks decrease by 1% every year
  • The trinity of finance 
  •  10,000 Miles to the American Dream
  • What are performing asset classes
  • The massive demand for mobile home parks 


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Find out more about Bryce here: 

Website Propertyworkzusa.com

Email bryce@propertyworkzusa.com

Podcast Freedom Hack Radio