#69 William Barnard: Controlling the 4 Major Aspects of a Real Estate Project

“I’ve built up my investors by doing podcasts like this, by speaking at real estate events across the country, by giving a nice presence online and by inviting people out to my projects to see me in action.” -William Barnard 


Today I am interviewing William Barnard who is the CEO and President  of Barnard Enterprises Inc., a real estate sales, consulting and investing company that also represents buyers and sellers of multi family and single family properties. William alongside his brother created Performance Home Services Inc., a restoration and HVAC company serving clients in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley’s. He is an educator, speaks at meetings all over the United States, and is one of the top forum posters on the real estate platform Bigger Pockets. He was once the co-host of his own radio show called Creating Wealth Through Real Estate, he’s been featured in Realty 411, and has been interviewed on countless real estate focused podcasts. 

William Barnard: Began fully investing in real estate in 2004. His market is in the Los Angeles area where he has sold over $80,000,000 in single family homes. He was self-employed since the age of 19 and ran a printing business before entering into real estate. His first purchase was through the help of his parents in Texas before he discovered the value of investing in and around Los Angeles. 



  • Why Barnard still invest in southern CA
  • Purchase mistakes 
  • How he eliminated competition by investing in higher end properties 
  • Owner operator 
  • How to build up your list of investors 
  • Fractionalized loans 
  • Why has construction material cost gone up 
  • Liquidating because of COVID
  • Its an extreme sellers market 
  • Why are prices going up 
  • What will happen once forbearances are lifted 
  • Why he should have done more buy and holds 
  • Inventory level contracting 
  • Finding projects in dense markets 
  • Will there be a crash 
  • The pros and cons of flipping 


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Find out more about Barnard here: 

Website barnardenterprises.com or PHScontractors.com

Email infro@phscontractors.com or info@barnardenterprises.com 

Phone 661-369-3721