#7 Ellie Perlman: Choosing Happiness Through Real Estate

“The bottom line is freedom.” – Ellie Perlman

Today I interviewed Ellie Perlman who is the founder of Blue Lake Properties. Ellie owns over 2,000 properties in Florida, Georgia and Texas. Alongside Blue Lake Properties, which specializes in multifamily acquisition and management, Ellie is a coach and mentor leading a program called REady2Scale, where she educates people on how to become multifamily syndicators. She is an author on Forbes and is the host of a real estate podcast called REady2Scale Podcast. 

Ellie began her career during the 2008 crash after she moved to the US from Israel. Coming from a small town, at an early age Ellie figured out the difference between wealth and poverty, which moved her to create a meaningful life where she became a commercial real estate lawyer for Israel’s largest real estate company. After deciding she wanted more, Ellie changed her career to become her own CEO and investor. She holds a Masters in Law and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. 



  • How she started her own investing company
  • How her childhood influenced her success
  • Why she changed her career from lawyer to investor 
  • What it was like to start investing during the downturn
  • Why happiness was a guiding light for choosing a career in real estate 
  • How stress caused her to rethink her life 
  • How she transitioned into property management 
  • How to approach hardships
  • What are some new ways to work during the pandemic 
  • Why she invest outside of CA


Listen now and find out how Eliie found her Real Estate Breakthrough!

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