#71 Bob Couture: Why Community Should Come 1st in Real Estate Investing

“House flipping is giving back to your community, rectifying homes and bringing it back on the tax roll by giving people beautiful places to stay. And I feel the same way about multi family by giving good quality housing for those in the community.” -Bob Couture 


Today I am interviewing Bob Couture who is the Managing Partner of CP Property Group, a realty and investment company. He holds a background in business administration, public relations and finance with some of the top fortune 500 companies like Northrup Grumman Corporation and Oppenheimer & Company just to name a few. He is also the Co Founder of Western Mass Real Estate Investor Groups and a partner in Ironsides Property Group a property management company in Springfield, MA.  Bob holds over 60 units for his personal portfolio and helps people achieve their financial and investing goals. I met Bob at the Intelligent Investors Conference earlier this year. 

Bob Couture: is a retired Army Officer after 22 years of service and three overseas deployments. He has a BA from Northeastern University in Communication Studies and a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University. Bob began investing full time in real estate in 2013. 



  • Why he started his career in house flipping
  • Employee vs entrepreneur
  • How can you make your dollars go further 
  • Why you need boots on the ground when investing out of state 
  • Single family vs multi family 
  • Are cash flow properties hard to find in CA
  • What happened to multi family cash flow in the market 
  • Anthony Walker of Buckingham Investments 
  • Return on equity 
  • Why you should own in landlord friendly states
  • Why lenders now what to know who is managing the property 
  • The team deinges 50% of the business 
  • Why community matters in real estate investing 
  • The transition from corporate to full time investing 


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Find out more about Bob here: 

Website www.cp-propertygroup.com

Phone 310922-5436