#73 Bronson Hill: Multi Family Investing for Long Term Passive Income

“I find that if you can add value, you can be a part of those conversations where people say hey, I have this problem. I’m looking at how to help people get to their why.” -Bronson Hill

Today I am interviewing my friend, Co host of FIBI Pasadena Multifamily and mentee, Bronson Hill. He is the Managing Member of Bronson Equity, a passive investing and multi family syndication company. Bronson Equity works one on one with clients who are high earning individuals who want to invest passively. He manages and controls over 60 million in multifamily assets as well as raised 15 million for real estate deals. He is the Co Chapter leader of my FIBI Pasadena Multi Family meeting, which is held via zoom every 1st wednesday of the month. Bronson is an educator and has written a report called The Single Best Investment Strategy During (or After) a Pandemic. He is a contributor to Bigger Pockets, is the guest on other real estate related podcasts and will launch his own podcast called Mailbox Money. 

Bronson Hill: Began investing in real estate in 2006 when he purchased his first rental property. After the property began to cash flow, Bronson purchased other single family properties in Ohio, under the impression that he wanted to own 30 homes for passive investing. Later on a family member introduced Bronson to multi family investing and there, Bronson learned how to raise capital for a deal. Now a few years later, he is a Multi Family Syndicator and financial coach. 



  • Why Bronson educates busy people on passive investing 
  • Institutional real estate 
  • What are the wealthy doing 
  • Why Bronson left single family investing for multi family 
  • Is multifamily pandemic proof
  • The efficiency of a multi family asset 
  • What are the better tax advantages 
  • REO ownership 
  • Off market requires a network 
  • Huntsville, Alabama 
  • Multifamily investing can be a private market 
  • The tech triangle 
  • Sensitive properties 
  • Middle America markets 
  • John Maxwell Leadership writer 
  • The hindrances of limiting beliefs
  • Why you have to learn skills 
  • Who are the 5 people around you
  • Know your Why


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