#75 Robert Levy & Philip Block: Retail & Multi Family Investing with LBX Investments

“Real estate is not like buying a stock. It’s buying a living and breathing asset that you have to work at everyday.” -Robert Levy 

Today I am talking to Robert Levy and Philip Block of LBX Investments, a diversified commercial real estate firm that launched in 2018. Robert and Philip started LBX after working together at Big V Capital. At BVC, Philip a Partner and Robert, the Co-Founder and responsible for overseeing the underwriting. Both Robert and Philip have extensive backgrounds and experience in real estate. LBX Investments platform oversees property management, leasing, construction, asset management, accounting efforts, marketing and finance. I met them at this year’s Intelligent Investors conference.


Robert Levy: is a Managing Partner at LBX Investments. Before he Co Founded Big V Capital, Robert was the Operating Officer at Benefit Street Partners. In 2001 he joined Centerline Capital Group and held multiple positions such as CEO, Chief Financial Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Capital Markets. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees for Centerline’s parent company, Centerline Holding Company. He was the Vice President in the real estate equity research and investment banking department at Robert Stephens from 1998-2001. He received his BA from Northwestern University and his MBA from Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. 

Philip Block: Is a Managing Partner at LBX Investments. Before LBX and before BVC, Phil was the Senior Managing Director at RealtyMogul.com. Prior to that, he was The VP of corporate finance and Capital Markets at Centerline Capital Group. He helped Dominion Capital Advisors get off the ground right before his career in real estate took off as an Investment Banker for Cantor Fitzgerald. He has a BBA, cume laude, from George Washington University and graduated from the General Course at the London School of Economics with a degree in finance. 



  • LBX Investments
  • Investing in southeast retail markets 
  • Multi family vs retail 
  • The role of fiduciary
  • What are anchor tenants 
  • Create a niche in the retail market 
  • Local buyers
  • Investments sitting on bad real estate 
  • Demographic growth in souteast markets
  • The use of retail space and what people want 
  • Who are the right tenants 
  • How does this investment serve the surrounding community well
  • Investor communication 
  • Conservatism 
  • What is the best way to participate in multi family investing 
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Denver, CO
  • Find sponsors you believe in 
  • Why leverage is both positive and negative 
  • Enjoying leadership 


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Find out more about Robert and Philip here: 

Website lbxinvestments.com

Email phil@lbxinvestments.com & Rob@lbxinvestments.com